Few newbie questions about Mixxx

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Few newbie questions about Mixxx

Postby pyc » Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:21 pm

Actually this is pretty amazing piece of software with many capabilities given the fact it's open source and free. I would even say it's seems to be far better than Virtual DJ which I've used a lot over the past 10 years. Now since I'm a Linux being, and the VDJ was the sole reason I was running Windows crap OS, I realised Mixxx is now far better than last time I tried it, so I'm giving it a shot, I really want to switch to it. Still I have few questions, some problems which seems to me that they are not straighforward to solve, but it may be simple for experienced user...

1) I'm using jog wheel to seek through track in fast manner (like I want to be able to go from the beginning to the end just in few seconds the most), but the default setting for Vestax VCI-100 is too slow. Tried loading other VCI-100 presets, but they are buggy and the speed of seeking is the same. Is there any way that I can speed the things up here?

2) I see the markers on the waveform view which are I guess supposed to be exactly where kick drum hits, but almost always they are elsewhere, usually in the middle of the beat. Is there any way to move them?

3) My VCI-100 is a bit of an old hardware, are there any recommendation which DJ MIDI controller works the best with Mixxx?

4) Is there any way that BPM can be gradually changed toward original one? I used that option a lot in VDj.

5) Does MIxxx change audio files (probably entering some info in ID3 tags)?

6) Is there any way to load AAC files?

7) Is there any button I can push to kill Hi/Mid/Low frequencies in track?
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Re: Few newbie questions about Mixxx

Postby JosepMa » Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:24 pm


1) That depends on the controller mapping. I haven't checked yours, but mine skips faster if i press the "shift" key. This allows to use the jog wheel for both cases: skip as well as position.
It should be possible to edit the mapping to add this functionality by yourself.

2) Those are autodetected, but the algorithm has two failures: Sometimes it mistakes the half-beat as the beat, and some others doesn't detect it correctly and assumes that when it detects the initial sound starts the beat.
And yes, you can move them.
If you use the Deere Skin (which is the default), then you need to click on the BPM indicator to expand some additional buttons. Those buttons allow to change the BPM of the track and to move the grid. There is also a button in the Deck with an admiration mark and three horizontal bars that moves the grid to the current position of the track.
On the Latenight skin, you make them appear by clicking on the bar that appears on the right of the waveforms

3) There isn't a special recommendation, but this place on the wiki tries to report the supported models

4) No that I know, although someone made a pseudo-mapping that allows AutoDJ to fade from one track to another bringing the BPM back to the default. Probably not what you want, but with enough time, you could make your mapping do that for you.

5) No, Mixxx by default does not change the audio files. All metadata is stored in Mixxx database and there's an option to explicitly save the data back to the track.

6) Yes, but depending on the Mixxx version and your linux distro, it might be disabled. Currently it uses the libfaad2 library and it will change soon to an ffmpeg based decoder.
If you can build Mixxx yourself, look at the instructions here and use either faad=1 or ffmpeg=1 : https://mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/compiling_on_linux

7) Yes, sure. But it might be hidden by default on your skin. Check the gears icon on the top right on Deere skin or the settings button on bottom left on Latenight skin
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