1.0.6 Test on Mac OSX + VCI 100

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1.0.6 Test on Mac OSX + VCI 100

Postby TuXxL » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:23 pm

Hello !

I have done a test with this config :
Macbook 1,83 mhz Core 2 Duo - Ram 2 Gb under OSx Tiger
Maya 44 USB 6 ms latency Core Audio - Vestax VCI-100 - A Pioneer DJM 600

About sound :
Very nice : your eq are very impressive and responsive ;)

About the Mediabase implementation and the interface :
- Cool but I miss some fields like file date, ratings and date of file addition into the database ;
- Fonts should be bigger : very difficult to see in a club environment without biting the screen ;

Mixing with the software :
- Pitch rate / slider rate of 6% for better precision with a vci 100 instead of 8% ;
- Suggestion : make a rounded value about 0,5 with pitch bend using the vci to have the same value on both decks and have a better precision ;
- Cue problem : starting a song with play or cue have a little lag time and also cue position seems not to start every time at the same place ;
- So is the lag bending with the roller ;

I hope it will help enhancing the program.

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