Anyone have technical contacts at InMusic?

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Anyone have technical contacts at InMusic?

Postby caelia » Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:47 pm

I'm running Mixxx on Linux, and I have a Denon MCX8000 controller. When I bought the controller a few months ago, at first I couldn't get Mixxx to access the controller sound card.

I inquired on the ALSA mailing list, and it turned out that the ALSA USB driver was querying the device in accordance with the USB standard, but the controller was returning an incorrect response. The ALSA team gave me a workaround, but that involves compiling a custom kernel. I've been using Linux for 20 years, so I'm fine with that, but others might not be. And I'm guessing that the fix to the controller firmware would be pretty simple, and then the controller would work with Linux out of the box.

I haven't tried raising this issue through the standard support channels, but I have a pretty strong feeling the response would be "Sorry, unsupported platform, can't help you." So I'm just looking for a backdoor way to get the info to someone who might do something about it. They may not care about Linux, but there does appear to be a standards-compliance issue.

Thanks for any leads!

UPDATE: I just remembered there's another thing. I'm working on a mapping for this controller. Most of the controls just use standard MIDI signals, so no problem with that. But the controller also has two screens (for waveform displays, etc) which use SysEx messages. I want to find out if InMusic would be willing to share documentation of their SysEx messages with open source developers, so we don't have to reverse-engineer this s***.
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