Mixxx 2.0 vci-100 mk2 mapping troubles

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Mixxx 2.0 vci-100 mk2 mapping troubles

Postby PseudoDJ » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:05 pm

Hello everybody,

im using mixxx for the first time and gotta say, wow! really love the gui and features, big props to the devs!! :D

ok, so my intention was to sample from mixxx into a sp555 to make beats with out a daw/editor.
so far, so good, setting up all worked well but it seems like i ran into a mapping conflict (or im just stupid) with the CH A C switch.
every time i switch to deck C and back, the play button (for deck A) stops working. instead of spinning the deck it just makes the cue button light up, but if i flip the CH switch to C again it starts (the flip switch) deck A, when it flip it back to CH A deck A stops again :? .
any hints, advises would be much apprechiated indeed.
cant wait to establish a new workflow...

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