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To do before v1.7.0 is released

(Please strike anything that has been completed. And put your handle by it so we know who to thank!)

Development of 1.7.0 has been moved to a Bzr branch. See here for usage details


  • Fix timecode LUT memory corruption (Albert) -
  • Fix pasuspender usage in all .desktop files (Albert) -
  • Ensure we bundle correct MSVC DLLs with Win32 and Win64 installers (Sean) -
  • Make an executive decision about the output mapping table (Albert)
  • Fix qt-opengl and qt-svg dependencies for Ubuntu (Albert)
  • Get Albert to look at possible performance hit:
  • If possible, try to figure out Ubuntu ALSA stream freeze - See Mailing list thread and Bug entry Now we just need to nag people to offer a user-installable fix.
  • MidiObjectALSASeq is missing a devClose implementation - Pegasus
  • Non-C++ task: Get the “res” directory to copy to the proper place (prefix=) on an scons install (python)
  • Fix model issue where removing any row removes the last row as well. (midiinputmappingtablemodel.cpp, midimapping.cpp) - Albert
  • Fix model issue where completing the learning wizard doesn't list anything in the table until Mixxx is restarted - Albert
  • Get rid of MidiType enum, switch MIDI mapping format to use <status> for input blocks as well. - Albert
  • Migrate the range hacks out of SoundTouch's bpmdetect.cpp and into bpmdetector.cpp, then update bpmdetect.cpp from the SoundTouch repository - rryan
  • Multithreading guru task: Clean up and check MidiScriptEngine thread-safety - rryan…give the man a beer!
  • Handle MIDI Pitch input messages (0xE#, LSB, MSB) - Gamegod, Pegasus & Lupin3rd
  • Merge the Features_MIDIScriptAutoReaction branch to trunk (currently waiting on the Qt team to see if our solution is a good one) - RRyan and Pegasus
  • Fix the version number in defs.h and all MIDI XML files - Pegasus and Mad Jester
  • Port old MIDI XML device files to the new format (basically just adding a header block.) - Mad Jester
  • Complete MIDI device selection & mapping dialog (see the MidiMapping design spec)
    • Use tree view in preferences and display MIDI devices on left. - gamegod
    • Or select MIDI device, auto select the mapping (combobox) - gamegod
  • Reimplement MIDI Learning (100% done - gamegod)
    • Rewrite midiEvent() signal in MidiObject to emit a MidiMessage, and rename the signal to midiLearn()
    • Connect midiLearn() signal to some learn() slot in MidiMapping object
    • Write learn() slot in MidiMapping. learn() should update the mapping and emit(inputMappingChanged()) at the end.
    • Create list of usable controls… - gamegod
  • Midi Scripting
    • Clear scripting engine when new MIDI mapping preset is loaded in the Prefs. - gamegod
  • MidiInputMappingTableView - add delegate classes - gamegod
    • Display the MidiType (Key/CC/etc) (instead of those crappy enumerated integers) - gamegod
    • Combo boxes for group and control - gamegod
    • Values display in hexadecimal - gamegod
  • → MIDI output handling
    • Create MidiOutputMappingTableModel and -View - gamegod
    • Write underlying data structure for output (OutputMidiMapping) - Pegasus
    • Finish adding delegate classes and finish up output table (include correct columns) - targeted for v1.8 instead
    • Fix up <status> and <miditype> mishandling in MidiMessage for outputs - Albert
  • Fix the segfault-on-close that's happening on Linux and Windows with Intel graphics drivers. This may not be our problem. See bug #251128.
  • Call MIDI script init function when opening the device, not before - Pegasus
  • Call MIDI script shutdown function (if one exists) just before closing the device - Pegasus
  • Write an upgrade function that moves mixxx.cfg and mixxxtrack.xml to their new homes (ffs) - Pegasus
  • → Clear up as many compiler warnings as we can (give preference to the “depreciated function” ones so we don't get bitten later.) (kousu)
  • Change version numbers everywhere to “1.7.0-beta1” - Pegasus
  • Windows: MIDI feedback on all but the first listed controller doesn't work with more than one connected. It's best to disconnect/remove all (real and virtual) devices except the one you're interested in working with. - Pegasus
  • Windows: You may need to tell Windows to send MIDI output to the correct device, especially if you hear random notes instead of see lights on your controller: Start→Settings→Control Panel→Classic View→Sounds and Audio Devices→Audio Tab, set “MIDI Music Playback” at the bottom to the device you're trying to use. - Pegasus

Bug fixes

Known Issues / Errata

  • MIDI Pitch messages are no longer processed internally and must be mapped to a script function. Fortunately script.pitch can be used very easily from your script.
  • Probably regressed like crazy with the M-Audio Xponent. Functionality needs to be rewritten using scripting. - lupin3rd has an input mapping
  • The use of multiple MIDI devices simultaneously is not yet supported.
  • SelectNextTrack, SelectPrevTrack and LoadSelected do not work in the Browse view. See bug #342120.
  • SelectNextTrack & SelectPrevTrack cause the GUI to freeze for a few seconds when you try to scroll down beyond the current page. See bug #361170.
  • Certain MIDI controllers' (Stanton SCS devices) scratching is directly tied to latency. As a result, users will need to tune the values at the top of the scripts in question for their particular system.
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