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1.11 Planning Meeting

Overview: The development team met to discuss the upcoming features and priorities.


Review of 1.10 Development Cycle

1.10 = big success!

  • Loads of features
  • Release cycle took about twice as long as we hoped
  • May 1st planned release, about 7 months later is actual release…
  • Opt for fewer huge features for faster releases (deja vu?)
  • Press response is really good!
  • Competitors are reacting fast, DJay price drop, etc.
  • Build server is fully operational now, does all the release work for us, allows for more testing, etc!

Features for 1.11

Effects 1.0

  • a couple more effects
  • lays groundwork for something big with Effects 2.0

N-Deck 1.0

  • not actually that useful, but important selling point and people still care about it.
  • 4 decks enabled in trunk, but not in skins yet.
  • Most remaining work is polish and fixing remaining areas that are hardcoded to 2 decks.

AutoDJ 2.0

  • Daniel Schurman
  • improved auto dj

Waveform 2.0

  • coloured waveforms, based on features of audio (low/mid/high)
  • Thomas Vincent

Sync 2.0

  • nickname for usage of beat offsets and probably master tempo feature
  • integration of Queen Mary plugins from VAMP to get better beatgrids and much improved sync.

Controller 2.0

  • Sean Pappalardo rewriting MIDI system to add support for HID devices and potentially OSC
  • top DJ hardware brands are moving away from USB MIDI and towards HID

Library History

  • Continuing with our library improvements

Advanced Search

  • GSoC project from 2011, hopefully finish up and get into release


  • translations so far are going well
  • working on automating process
  • still much more work to be done:
    • eg. tooltips in skins must be translatable
    • eg. keyboard layouts


  • 3 month dev cycles were unrealistic, the release process itself still takes a lot of time
  • build server helped a lot, but let's continue reducing release process
  • let's try 4-6 months
  • if 1.11 is 4 months,
    • is 1 week enough to translate the manual into 5 languages?
    • do you have any numbers on how long existing translations took?


Shashank Kumar - Wants to work on 7 band equalizer


  • Will work on making the manual awesome!
  • Would be nice if Native English speaker could review additions to manual

Phil will work on:

  • crazy effects plugins

Sean may need help with Controller 2.0 stuff

Feature priorities

  • prioritize based on improving perception, first impressions of Mixxx. Eg. 4-decks
  • Our flanger is tired. Effects will be the #1 priority probably.
  • VAMP QM plugins will make a huge difference to user experience.
  • Waveform is another big contributor to wow-factor. Need to make it look awesome.
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