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6/27/2010 Developer Meeting

We held a meeting to discuss the upcoming 1.8.0 release, the releases that will follow in the 1.8.x series, and the potential plans for the 1.9 and 2.0 series. Additionally, we discussed growing the team, the project financials, and future release management.

Present: Tobias, Bill, Albert, RJ, Sean, Garth, Adam, Bruno


  • Project Planning
    • Fewer colossal releases!
    • Art and Community Planning Changes
    • Agree that we will try to only add features in major releases and bug fixes in point releases.
  • Upcoming Releases
    • Philosophy: optimize our effort, limited manpower, tons of features to work on
    • Need to pick the features that will increase the user experience for the largest number of DJs
    • Feature mobility: easily target features to new releases.
    • Try to make releases as fast and single-featured as possible.
  • Mistakes of 1.8.0
    • Missed the release deadline for Ubuntu 10.10
    • Didn't address the PortAudio mmap bug fast enough.
      • Let it linger as long as possible.
      • Was a relatively easy fix.
    • OpenGL waveform corruption and performance
    • No forethought about art and community planning.
      • Jus is singlehandedly running this department!
  • 1.8/Future Release Series
    • Rename all those point releases to major releases.
    • 1.9 will be a quick release (see Mixxx 1.8/1.9/2.0 Project Plan
      • Shoutcast, Hydra, bugfixes, whatever else is ready.
    • 1.10
      • Sampler, Effects, External Mixer Mode
  • 2.0 Mixxx Power
    • Control 2.0
    • Skinning Engine
    • N-Decks
  • Recruiting Developers
    • Attract more developers by having better software.
    • More PR, visibility by new releases and features.
    • Developer transparency
      • tasks on wiki
      • blogging
      • proactive recruiting
      • more tutorials on the wiki
  • How to trust new non-developers?
    • Patches build trust, how do you do this with non-developers?
    • Commit the website to source control
      • Allow artists to submit patches
      • Create, allow them to do whatever they want.
      • If it looks good, commit.
  • Fundraising and Financials
    • Not much!
    • Spent $50 on the bounty, $30 to ship something back to Stanton.
    • Hosting covered by Garth, Downloads covered by Albert
      • Thanks guys!
    • Hopefully we grow this somehow in the future.
      • Promo Tracks
      • Gear (tshirts, hats, record bags, stickers, etc)
  • Skins in 1.8.0
    • Include Deere, Shade, Phony
    • Maybe auto-detect screen size and pick a nice one if it's big enough, otherwise default to outlineNetbook.
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