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Mixxx Add-ons

This page will contain user-contributed add-ons for Mixxx.

For extra skins, check out the skins subforum on the Mixxx forums.

Audio Playback Plugins

If you write an audio playback plugin, here's a good place to link to it.

Technical Details

Install Locations

Below is where Mixxx will look for plugins on each OS:


  • /usr/local/lib/mixxx/plugins/soundsource/
  • /usr/lib/mixxx/plugins/soundsource/
  • ~/.mixxx/plugins/soundsource/


  • %ProgramFiles%\Mixxx\plugins\soundsource\mp4


  • /Library/Application Support/Mixxx/Plugins/soundsource/

Additional Locations

Tell Mixxx to look for plugins in additional locations by calling it with the –pluginPath argument (for instance, if one wants to be able to play m4a files from a trunk build without installing, call ./mixxx –pluginPath ./linux_build/plugins/linux_build, changing linux_build to the appropriate directory name as necessary). As many –pluginPath arguments may be specified as necessary.

Auto DJ with Beatmatching and Harmonic Mixing

A script, which extends Auto DJ with BPM- and key-based track selection, beatmatching, and basic EQ fade mixing, is available through forums. It works reasonably well, but is technically quirky and unclean; therefore, Mixxx developers are working on ways to offer similar functionality cleanly and directly in Mixxx. If you're impatient, the script might satisfy your needs today.

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