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Berhinger CMD DC-1

Manufacturer's product page : Behringer


This device is composed by endless encoders sending two states position, momentary push buttons and a single stepper encoder for library browsing. Its LEDs cannot be turned off or dimmed and are lighting in orange by default. They can be set in two modes : blue or blinking blue.

LEDs Brightness

There is two levels for the brightness of the LEDs equipped on the CMD line products :

  • Dimmed
  • Bright (Max :?:)

Toggling between them can simply be done by pressing the four bottom buttons of the controller at same time and this can be done anytime while it is running (plugged to power via USB).

Source : Resolume forum

Mapping Description

The following description mapping is for a community mapping that you can find in the forums here

Library browsing & Load tracks

The big encoder is used to scroll through the library and pressing on it will load the selected track to the available deck that is currently not playing.

Loading selected track to a specified Deck is done by calling buttons around this big encoder.

Deck Selection

They are located in the corners above encoders :

Deck A [Channel1] Deck B [Channel2]
Deck C [Channel3] Deck D [Channel4]


Quick effect Pitch Adjust Channel 1 Quick effect Super Knob Channel 1 Quick effect Super Knob Channel 2 Quick effect Pitch Adjust Channel 2
1 2 3 4
Effect Unit 1 Super Effect Unit 2 Super Effect Unit 3 Super Effect Unit 4 Super
5 6 7 8

Effect processing

Effect units processing can be enabled/disabled by buttons [ 1 ]..[ 4 ] located under encoders.

HotCues Modes

Mode is switching automatically by calling the following buttons under encoders :

[ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ]
Set hotcue(s) Goto hotcue(s) Goto And Play hotcue(s) Clear hotcue(s)


They are assigned to the big buttons to the bottom of the controller.

  • [1] .. [16] : HotCues from 1 to 16

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