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Behringer CMD MM-1

This is a render and a real life photo. All following examples will be made with a help of 3D model.

behringer_cmd_mm-1-overall.jpg behringer_cmd_mm-1-overall-irl.jpg


(click to enlarge)


LEDs has three states: orange, blue or blinking blue. You can not turn them off. But you can dim their brightnes by pressing 4 CUE buttons simultaneously1

Shift button


To activate additional functions click Shift button. It will change its color to blue. From now buttons 1 and 2 has another functionality and changes their color to blinking blue.

Now pressing 1, 2 or 1 and 2 simultaneously will change Deck orientaion accordingly to the left, right or center of the crossfader.


When you click Left button, the focus moves to the sidebar of the Library, and the rotary will switch playlists. Pressing it will unfold list. Shift button will blinking blue.

If you click Right, the track list will be focused and turning the rotray will select tracks, pressing it will load the track into the first stopped deck. Shift button becomes orange.

If you press Right again, selected track will be loaded into the PreviewDeck. While it's playing pressing and holding Right again will activate Fast Forward.



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