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Making a Windows installer package

Mixxx uses the Wix Toolset for building Windows MSI installers. This page contains information on making such packages.

First, we assume you've built & run Mixxx successfully from the instructions on the Compiling on Windows page.


You first need to download and install the Wix Toolset version 3.10

When built with MSVC, Mixxx requires that certain MSVC DLL files be present in order to run. Many people have these already installed on their systems, but many do not (or have different versions,) so we must include them with our packages.

To do that, you need to download the vcredist installation package and install it at the root of your build env directory.

There's a different one for each architecture and compiler combination, as shown below:

Visual Studio 2005 x86 x64/amd64 IA64
Visual Studio 2008 x86 x64/amd64 IA64
Visual Studio 2010 x86 x64/amd64 IA64
Visual Studio 2013 x86, amd64 and IA64
Visual Studio 2015 x86 and amd64

In any case, once you've located the vcredist installer, if you're doing a 32-bit build, copy the x86 installer in the root of your build env (not the root of mixxx sources, but the root of the BUILD ENV). If a 64-bit build, copy the x64/AMD64 installer.

The file should be named vcredist_x86.exe or vcredist_x64.exe.

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