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 [[cover_art_support|Cover Art Support]] [[cover_art_support|Cover Art Support]]
 ====== Report: June 29 - July 05 ====== ====== Report: June 29 - July 05 ======
 +Last week: [[cover_art_support_r1|June 22 - June 28]]
 +===== Updating cover_art columns in tableview =====
 +As the library.cover_art column is updated in TrackDAO::​updateCoverArt(),​ we could just emit the signal "​trackChanged"​ and it would be enough to let the BaseTrackCache knows that it needs update the tableview.
 +However, currently BTC is using TIOs to get the values of each column and as the cover_art column is not a member of TIO, it would not be enough.
 +First implementations of this project was based on the use of TIO, but we realized that it was bringing many performance issues and that everything would work much better without it. In this way, we needed another solution to update the BTC and basically the best idea that we found was implement a new SIGNAL/SLOT to access BTC::​updateTrackInIndex(int trackId).
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