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Widget alignment

The children of a WidgetGroup (or of the skin node) can be aligned vertically and horizontally in its available space. For example, imagine we have a WidgetGroup (depicted as the red box in the drawing) that contains a Widget (depicted as the green box). The size of the WidgetGroup is 300×300 and the size of the Widget is 50×50. By default, Mixxx will center the Widget in the WidgetGroup horizontally and vertically.

Widget vertically and horizontally centered

However, we can vertically align the Widget on top or on bottom of the space the WidgetGroup occupies, and likewise for the horizontal alignment. This gives us nine possible alignments for the Widget:

Possible Widget alignments

To determine the alignment we want, we must set the property qproperty-layoutAlignment of the WidgetGroup. First we need to give a name to our WidgetGroup with the ObjectName tag and then set the property in the skin stylesheet. qproperty-layoutAlignment property can take the following values enclosed in single quotation marks:

Horizontal alignment Vertical alignment
AlignLeft AlignTop
AlignHCenter AlignVCenter
AlignRight AlignBottom

A combination of an horizontal and a vertical alignment can be specified writing a value from each column and separating them with a vertical bar like this:

'AlignHCenter | AlignTop'

Also, 'AlignCenter' value can be specified. It is a shorthand for 'AlignVCenter | AlignHCenter'.


Let's see how alignment works through a series of examples. We have the following skin consisting of a clock and a blue empty WidgetGroup that we would normally fill with other widgets, but let's keep it empty for the sake of simplicity.

Skin first example

This are the skin.xml and the style.qss files:

<!DOCTYPE skin>
    <author>Ferran Pujol Camins</author>
    <description>An example skin showing how to properly align widgets.</description>
    <license>Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike 3.0 Unported</license>
      <attribute config_key="[Master],num_decks">2</attribute>
  <Style src="skin:style.qss"/>
#Mixxx {
  background-color: #000000;
#SkinStuff {
  background-color: #100030;
#Clock {
  font: bold 23px;
  color: #FFFFFF;
  background-color: #300010;
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