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 +The most of non skin-able GUI is created by using Qt-Widgets and the QtDesigner wysiwyg editor.
 +[[https://​​qt-5/​designer-using-a-ui-file.html|Using a Designer UI file]]
 +The UI files are used to autogenerated the c++ code that initializes the GUI. In Mixxx we use the dlg*.cpp files to receive events from these GUI elements.
 +The [[https://​​mixxxdj/​mixxx/​blob/​master/​src/​library/​dlghidden.ui|dlghidden.ui]] for instance builds the bar on top of the table with the hidden files in the library region. The class using the generated widgets is [[
 +New UI files need to be introduced to scons via the [[https://​​mixxxdj/​mixxx/​blob/​4c2f2403a34fded43ece3f443db2981fc5a1f5d2/​build/​​L1255|]] file.
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