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rryan Remove console development tools. I'm fairly certain nobody uses these (especially svndiff... given we haven't used svn in a long time)
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 See [[profiling]]. See [[profiling]].
 +====== Command-line Tools ======
 +===== grep / ack / ag / ripgrep =====
 +''​grep''​ is nice for searching files with regexes, but it isn't designed specifically for looking through source code. There are a number of tools that make searching through source repositories much nicer (e.g. they won't go searching in the ''​.git''​ subfolder, or digging through binary files for your regex).
 +  * [[https://​​|ack]]
 +  * [[https://​​ripgrep/​|ripgrep]]
 +  * [[https://​​ag/​|ag / The Silver Searcher]]
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