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   *[[http://​​forums/​viewtopic.php?​f=7&​t=3693|Forum thread]]   *[[http://​​forums/​viewtopic.php?​f=7&​t=3693|Forum thread]]
 +[[http://​​eng/​index.php|DJ Tech]] is not to be confused with [[http://​​|DJ TechTools]],​ the makers of the MIDI Fighter series, Chroma Cables, and Chroma Caps. There is no (longer) a product page for this discontinued device.
-[[http://​​eng/​index.php|DJ Tech]] is not to be confused with [[http://​​|DJ TechTools]], ​the makers ​of the MIDI Fighter series, Chroma Cables, and Chroma Caps.+====== Mapping description ====== 
 +Needs the cdj101 ​to be on midi channel 1 for deck1 and 2 for deck2 
 +  *Pitch slider works as you'd expect 
 +  *Holding down the push button works as a "​shift"​ to activate secondary functions 
 +  *rotate push button: navigate tracks 
 +  *shift + rotate push button: switch between playlists 
 +  *cue button: default cue behaviour 
 +  *play: toggle play 
 +  *shift + play: sync 
 +===== While track is playing ===== 
 +  *surface ​of jog wheel: scratch 
 +  *edge of jog wheel: tempo bend 
 +  *shift + edge of jog wheel: fine tempo ben 
 +===== While deck is paused ===== 
 +  *click push button: load a track 
 +  *surface of jog wheel: scratch thru track 
 +  *shift + surface of jog wheel: scan through track quickly 
 +  *edge of jog wheel: jog though track slowly 
 +  *shift + cue: move beatgrid
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