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Digital Vinyl System replacement mode

The goal of this mode would allow people to easily use Mixxx with external mixers and vinyl control, disabling unneeded internal processing for better responsiveness.

Add a “DVS mode” checkbox to the Options menu that makes the following changes:

  • Enables vinyl control, obviously
  • Routes deck outputs to separate selectable sound card outputs (in prefs→DVS mode) and disables internal mixing
  • Disables gain, EQ, channel faders, cross fader, play, cue, pitch, master output MixxxControls and all associated processing
  • Grays out/hides applicable GUI controls (or just suggests changing the skin)
  • Leaves LADSPA enabled on a per-deck basis
  • * LADSPA currently only applied to the master output – LADSPA needs to be per-channel?
  • Should still allow the user to load a song in a deck and play it without using the timecodes, just in case of any problems with timecode decks, however in this case verry small gui controls would be sufficient.
  • the gui should show relevant information about how the timecode is controling the decks, e.g. connected, disconected,
  • integration with single deck vinyl control Single-Deck Vinyl Control
  • any skins made for dvs mode should also support single deck vinyl control.
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