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Feature Discussion

This page is to discuss possible future features along with some implementation details. Lengthy discussions will get moved to their own page.

Specifications for planned features

Implemented Specifications

Abandoned Specifications

Good Intro Projects

Looking to contribute to Mixxx? Here are some projects we think could be done in a weekend, and would be a great introduction to the Mixxx codebase.

Just pick a bug off of the Easy Bug List

Other Ideas

All Wishlist bugs on Launchpad Blueprints on Launchpad

If you think of a feature that we need to implement at some time, file a new wishlist bug if it did not already exist on Launchpad.

DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO THIS LIST – File a bug instead. We are slowly migrating this list to Launchpad

Some of these are copied over from the forums and the old wiki, so they may be done already or irrelevant.

  • Button in Auto DJ to start fading into new track (could come in handy if the current piece isn't going down to well). Targeted for Mixxx 1.11, implemented in
  • Slider in Auto DJ to determine length of time of crossfade (e.g. 1s - 20s). Targeted for Mixxx 1.11, implemented in
  • If song can not be loaded in Auto DJ, it might be good to automatically play the next track instead of displaying message and stopping the mix.
  • Track section marking with import/export support for DJ Notation (
    • Could also be used to mark loops?
    • Feature should be unobtrusive and it should be possible to disable the displaying temporarily
    • Since the markup will probably not be accurate (especially when using times out of DJ notation) the visualization should not imply it as 100% accurate, this also implies that these markers/sections will not really double as cue points
  • Split cue/master headphone support - Done: Pre/Main knob ([Master] headMix MixxxControl)
  • Effects panel integration with UI
  • 'Online' BPM detection so that visual waveform beat marks can actually be accurate. - BpmDJ engine being considered
  • M4A support - Implemented in Mixxx 1.10.
  • hotkey support (maybe configurable?) Hotcues implemented in Mixxx 1.10.
  • Cheap mode (main out left, cue out right) so users can get started using mixxx without any extra soundcard.
  • Live input (switchable input at first, maybe a delay/pitchable input later)
  • generic usb hid input support.
  • some more physically modeled turntable styles, with concepts of inertia, slipmat vector, and motor drive. Details from Old Wiki
  • Normalize to the waveform, track volume and output (over longer period in the master output) ReplayGain implemented in Mixxx 1.10
  • Channel gain to affect the waveform Implemented in Mixxx 1.10.
  • BPM sync lock like in virtual dj (keep tracks in sync)
  • Play lock feature so that you can't change a track that is currently playing - Some MIDI scripts do this already
  • A button to switch between the vinyl emulation & pitch independent time stretch (“Master Tempo” on CDJs, “Key lock” or “Key correction” on others) Implemented in Mixxx 1.10.
  • Adjustable key when key lock is active (as on the Numark CDX/HDX/X^2)
  • Remain / played time display switch - Already in Preferences→Interface→Position display
    • Would be nice if this could be done by just clicking the time field and would not require opening the preferences Implemented in Mixxx 1.10.
  • Clipping light to stay on (dimmer?) after clipping, reset by clicking
  • Add a single deck view optimized for track setup (as in setting cue points and loops, potentially beat grid markers once we get some concept of beats with the beat detection feature planned for 1.8.5/1.9)
  • Split file browser into two lists/columns → 1. Browser and 2. Playlist/Crates/Auto-DJ(all sorts of playlists). Songs can be drag and dropped more convenient, dj can see if song is already in the list. This should be optional.
  • Display a warning before a song can be dragged onto a running deck. This should be optional. Implemented in Mixxx 1.10. Preferences→Interface→Track load behavior
  • Auto-dj button should not be hidden, should be on the top layer of the interface so one can always see if it is activated.
  • Should be possible to drag and drop the song everywhere on the deck, not only on the waveform. Implemented in Mixxx 1.10 . Draggable to waveform, waveform summary & Spinny widget in decks and samplers
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