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If you think of a feature that we need to implement at some time, jot it down here so you don't forget.

Some of these are copied over from the forums and the old wiki, so they may be done already or irrelevant.

  • Split cue/master headphone support
  • Visual 'track ending' indicator for visual waveform
  • Effects panel integration with UI
  • Looping controls
  • 'Online' BPM detection so that visual waveform beat marks can actually be accurate.
  • M4A support
  • hotkey support (maybe configurable?)
  • adjustable drag sensitivity on visual waveform view
  • direct outs (table 1, table 2, master, headphones)
  • live input (switchable input at first, maybe a delay/pitchable input later)
  • OSC controlled backend Details from Old Wiki
  • some more physically modelled turntable styles, with concepts of inertia, slipmat vector, and motor drive. Details from Old Wiki
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