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KeyboardEventFilter is an event filter.

MixxxMainWindow (mixxx.h/.cpp) initializes and holds a global instance of KeyboardEventFilter (MixxxMainWindow.m_pKeyboard). Other Mixxx objects get a pointer to this instance and install it as their event filter:

  • MixxxMainWindow calls SkinLoader::loadDefaultSkin passing to it its KeyboardEventFilter.
  • SkinLoader constructs a LegacySkinParser and passes the KeyboardEventFilter to it. The LegacySkinParser holds a pointer to the KeyboardEventFilter. It installs the KeyboardEventFilter to every widget it creates.
  • Library installs the KeyboardEventFilter to some views in its bindWidget method,
  • Library features install the KeyboardEventFilter in its bindWidget method.
  • Library extra views (such as the view that groups autodj controls) get the KeyboardEventFilter installed by their delegates constructor.
  • SkinLoader also uses the KeyboardEventFilter in its setupConnection method to gain information about assigned key combinations to fill the tooltips.
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