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1 - Sub class Controller

You have to implement the virtual methods. Take MidiController and PortMidiController or HidController as a reference.

  1. Implement destructor.
  2. Implement presetExtension method. Add corresponding #define in defs_controller.h.
  3. Implement the accept method (part of the visitor pattern).
  4. Implement the savePreset method (just prepare for the upcoming KeyboardPresetFileHandler).
  5. Create a KeyboardPresetFileHandler class (like MidiControllerPresetFileHandler).
  6. Add tests.

Get keyboard events

Possible approaches:

  • Install a global event filter or something similar to get all Qt keyboard events. Easier approach, but I think this won't let us differentiate between different physical keyboards.
  • Access keyboards with a lower level API.


2 - Sub class ControllerEnumerator

  1. Add tests.

3 - Modify ControllerManager

  1. Append KeyboardEnumerator in the slotInitialize method.

3 - Sub class ControllerPreset

  1. Create a KeyboardPresetFileHandler class (like MidiControllerPresetFileHandler).
  2. Add tests.

don't break tooltips, make them read current keyboard preset.

add CO (if not already existent) to enable/disable controllers (make a special one for keyboard controllers?). this is to keep support for the “enable keyboard shortcuts” option of the options menu.

mixxx currently leaks some keyboard events to Qt. This allows library lists to respond to arrow key presses for example. Do we want this? Better manage this via mapping like Traktro does?

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