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Student Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2017

This page lists the suggested projects for students working on Mixxx as part of Google Summer of Code 2017. Each of these projects represents something that we think would make a really big difference to our users and that we as a development team are really excited about. For advice on how to get in touch and how to apply, you should read GSoC Advice.

A GSoC application that simply repeats the project description will NOT be accepted. We expect you to think about the feature and how it aligns with Mixxx's goals, outline potential use-cases and propose a plan for implementing a solution.

Live Broadcasting Improvements

Live broadcasting is a very important use case for many users of Mixxx. This allows DJs to stream their performances online via Internet radio stations and other venues (e.g. SecondLife).

Multiple Broadcasting Profiles

Live broadcasters use Mixxx to stream to their listeners via an Icecast or Shoutcast server. Mixxx currently supports a single “profile” of settings. For broadcasters that frequently stream to multiple services (e.g. if they are a DJ on multiple internet radio stations) they have to re-enter their login and stream configuration details every time they switch stations. This project entails adding support for multiple live broadcasting profiles or presets.

Multiple Connections at Once

Live broadcasters have requested the ability to stream to multiple stations at once.

Metadata Output

Mixxx has currently no interface to pass over metadata like the playing track and artist to third party applications. This is required to publish the current track via RDS or to a web service like Twitter or just to the OS info area. This can be don by writing a file, rss feeds, OSC or …. (Add your own ideas ..)

Cue point enhancements

Currently, Mixxx's hotcues are limited. They cannot store any information other than a position in a track. It would be helpful to expand the capabilities of this in a number of ways. For example, letting users label hotcues with custom text and set their own color coding for hotcues. Setting specially marked mix in and mix out markers would be helpful both for live performance and for telling AutoDJ when to start automatic crossfading. Storing multiple loops per track that could be activated with a hotcue would be helpful too.

A collection of ideas for improving cue points can be found in the Launchpad blueprint.

Crate improvements

Mixxx's crates allow DJs to create their own organization system for their music library. It could become an even more powerful tool by letting crates be organized in a hierarchy and adding a search filter for crates. These improvements would turn crates into a system that would allow DJs to arbitrarily tag and search their library in complex ways that uniquely fit their workflow.


Microphone effects

Mixxx could use some effects specifically for applying to microphone inputs, for example a gate and acoustic echo cancellation. Consider looking for third party libraries like the WebRTC AEC library that can help with these and using them in Mixxx. If you choose to implement this, you will need a microphone to test with and a sound card to plug it into. You do not need an expensive microphone; any microphone should work. Likewise, you do not need a fancy sound card; if you can plug a microphone and speakers into the onboard sound card on your computer at the same time, that will work.

Beat synchronized effects

Synchronizing temporal effects with the rhythm of their input signals is important for making them sound musical. Currently, only the autopan effect is capable of this. It would be really helpful to add this functionality to the echo and reverb effects. Also, a beatmasher effect would be fun. Refer to the Launchpad ticket for previous discussion about this.

Sample sets

Currently, samples have to be loaded to sample decks one-by-one each time Mixxx is restarted to load the samples. It would be helpful to save collections of samples to Mixxx's database so they could all be loaded together. It would also be helpful to let users separate audio files used as short samples from full tracks in the library.

Something Else!

As always with Summer of Code, you aren't limited to the suggestions we've made here. If you've got a great idea for a project involving Mixxx then we're looking forward to hearing about it. Our bug tracker is full of wishlist bugs and other ideas scattered throughout, so if you browse through it, you may find many more ideas for GSoC projects.

IMPORTANT: You should contact us first to get feedback if you're going to submit a proposal for your own project idea!

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