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Hercules DJ Control Steel

The Hercules DJ Control Steel is a USB MIDI controller (very similar to DJ Console RMX but without a built in sound card). It is compatible with Mixxx versions 1.6.1+herc and later. It works in Linux 32/64 bits (from kernel ~2.6.27+), Windows (XP, Vista, 7), and MAC OS X (10.4.11 (Tiger)/ 10.5.x (Leopard)/ 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) 32-bit)

MIDI driver

The midi device on the Steel is NOT USB-midi class compliant. For that reason it requires specific drivers to be working on each OS.

MAC OS / Windows

Drivers for MAC OS X and Windows can be found on Hercules support page.


Hercules has released a common MIDI-driver for their DJ controllers. Read more on the page for Hercules Linux kernel module

Mapping for Mixxx

You need to update the mapping with following files : Link to mapping files

Global controls

Control Function
FX Wet/Dry Knobs (1) Unmapped
FX Apply Select (1) Unmapped
Cross-Fader (24) Fades between left and right deck
Vol. Main (23) Controls output volume of your mix
Balance (6) Controls balance between left and right audio channel of your mix
Scratch (7) Toggles scratch on and off which changes the function of the deck jog wheels
Up / Down (8) Moves up and down in the library track list
Up / Down (8) + Jog (18) Rapid Track List scrolling
Left / Right (8) Moves up and down between the library sections
(10), (11) TODO

Deck / Channel specific controls

Control Function
Cue (20) Sets the cue point if a track is stopped and not at the current cue point. Stops track and returns to the current cue point if a track is playing.
Stop (19) Stop + Reset Track to beginning
Play/Pause (18) Starts playing a loaded track if stopped. If track is currently playing it stops the track
Jog wheel (17) Seeks forwards and backwards in a stopped track
Forward / Backward (16) Seeks at high speed in a track
Load Deck A/B (25) Loads the currently selected track in the track list to the related deck
Cue Select (21) Toggles this decks output to the monitor (headphones) on and off
Pitch (14) Adjusts playback speed +/-10% (can be adjusted in the preferences)
Sync (15) Automatically sets pitch so the BPM of the other deck is matched
Pitch Bend- (13) Resets the pitch to the tracks normal playback speed (FIXME)
Pitch Bend+ (12) TODO
Bass (5) Adjusts the volume of a channels low frequency content (ex. bass drum)
Bass (5) + Scratch(7) Adjusts flanger period
Medium (5) Adjusts the volume of a channels mid frequency content (ex. vocals)
Medium (5) + Scratch(7) Adjusts flanger delay when Effect Shift is held down
Treble (5) Adjusts the volume of a channels high frequency content (ex. hi-hats)
Treble (5) + Scratch(7) Adjusts flanger depth when Effect Shift is held down
Kill (Bass / Medium / Treble) Toggles output of a frequency band on and off
Gain (3) Controls a decks input volume
Vol. Deck A/B (22) Controls a decks output volume
Forward / Backward (16) Adjusts position of loop in/out and hot cues when a loop / hot cue button is held down
Control Default Mixxx Mapping
1 (9) Flanger on/off
2 (9) Hotcue 1 set
3 (9) Hotcue 2 set
4 (9) Reverse
5 (9) Hotcue 1 goto
6 (9) Hotcue 2 goto
7 (9) loop in
8 (9) loop exit
10 (9) loop out
9,11,12 (9) Unmapped
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