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Line 201: Line 201:
 syncConnection = engine.makeConnection('​[Channel3]',​ '​sync_enabled',​ syncButtonOutputCallback);​ syncConnection = engine.makeConnection('​[Channel3]',​ '​sync_enabled',​ syncButtonOutputCallback);​
 syncConnection.trigger();​ syncConnection.trigger();​
 +You can check if a connection is disconnected by checking ''​isConnected''​ or by comparing the return value of ''​disconnect()'':​
 +<code javascript>​
 +var syncConnection = engine.makeConnection('​[Channel1]',​ '​sync_enabled',​ function () {});
 +print(syncConnection.isConnected);​ // prints true
 +var successful_disconnect = syncConnection.disconnect();​
 +if (successful_disconnect) {
 +    print("​syncConnection has been successfully disconnected"​);​
 +} else {
 +    print("​There was an error disconnecting SyncConnection"​);​
 +    // can happen when the connection has already been disconnected
 +print(syncConnection.isConnected);​ // prints false in most cases
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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