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 [[https://​​szdavid92/​mixxx-launchpad|Go to sources on GitHub]] [[https://​​szdavid92/​mixxx-launchpad|Go to sources on GitHub]]
-There'​s already a Launchpad mapping shipping with Mixxx however it has several quirks and limitations:​ 
-  * it has a single hardcoded layout, supporting only the first 2 decks. You can't e.g. change to decks 3 and 4, or sampler decks. This painfully limits usability especially if you have multiple Launchpads (as I do!) and want to control more decks. 
-  * It would be better if the deck layout was customizable. This is a problem that crops up as you add support for sampler decks. E.g. when you play samplers, a small 4x4 interface with only hotcues is ideal. 
-  * Some of the controls are broken on recent Mixxx. 
-  * It has a mixer interface, but why? Launchpad is really not fit for mixing. 
-  * 8 of the buttons have no mapping, what a waste of resources! 
-So I decided to make one that is more stable, flexible and customizable! 
 ===== Features ✨ ===== ===== Features ✨ =====
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