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Numark Total Control


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Numark Total Control Support in Mixxx

The Numark Total Control is now supported in Mixxx. If your version of Mixxx doesn't already have a MIDI mapping for the Numark Total Control, get the MIDI mapping now! (Note that you'll need a version of Mixxx more recent than 1.6.0beta4, otherwise things might not work right.) For details about how to use this MIDI map, please see the comments within the XML file itself.

Since the Total Control uses swappable label cards, you may wish to customize this MIDI map or replace it entirely. For information about this MIDI mapping format, see MIDI Controller Mapping File Format. For reverse-engineered information about Numark Total Control's MIDI codes, see Numark Total Control MIDI Codes.

Read more about support for the Numark Total Control on Alex's blog.

Please send any comments and/or suggestions about Numark Total Control support in Mixxx to Alex Markley.

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