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 /​Script/​[Channel]/​ /​Script/​[Channel]/​
-That's all I got for that. The problems here are many: +This would link to a script ​instance ​specific to the OSC backend.
- +
-  * MIDI Script has no global state +
-  * You can have duplicate machines hooked up +
- +
-One way around them would be to include the name of the device'​s ​instance ​itself in the path but that could be quite brittle. I'm sure Sean can provide some insight here.+
 ===== Team ===== ===== Team =====
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   * **YOU**   * **YOU**
   * Phillip Whelan (Madjester)   * Phillip Whelan (Madjester)
 +  * Logan Brown (thinkbrown)
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