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OSC: Open Sound Control

OSC is an open protocol slated to replace MIDI.

Summary and Rationale

Add support for OSC. This should allow next generation programs and Monome controllers to work with Mixxx.

Use Cases

  • DJ Bill has a Monome Ohm and he wants to Mixxx!
  • Madjester just downloaded TouchOSC and he'd think it'd be k-rad to make his own TouchOSC mapping for Mixxx.
  • DJ SuperProgrammer decides he wants to hook up Mixxx with Pure Data


OSC works by connecting to URLs. The standard is that conforming machines will send OSC messages to the URLs and the format that the server excepts. I base this assumption on

As such we could use this simple format:


We of course would expect the typical floating point values or integer values.

Therefore an example of many of our controls as OSC URLs:

  • /Channel1/play
  • /Channel1/rate
  • /Channel1/rate_temp_up



If you're interested in helping to code this feature, sign up your name below:

  • YOU
  • Phillip Whelan (Madjester)
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