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This page contains information on making portable versions of Mixxx to use from a USB drive or live DVD.

Live GNU/Linux Distributions Featuring Mixxx

These are complete operating systems that boot from USB drives or DVDs to run Mixxx without requiring installing any software on the computer.


Crossfade GNU/Linux allows you to use a USB drive with your music collection to DJ on any modern PC (with an x86 or x86_64 CPU), including Apple Macs, using the DJ program Mixxx customized however you like. USB drives with Crossfade GNU/Linux installed on them appear to Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and CDJs as normal USB drives that music or any other data can be copied onto. Unlike ordinary USB drives, they can also be used to boot Crossfade GNU/Linux. After rebooting, the PC will be back to how it was before. See the manual for installation instructions.

Crossfade GNU/Linux is setup with a realtime Linux kernel for optimal performance. It includes the Xfce graphical desktop environment, Midori web browser, and Clementine music player. It has a number of other programs for live musical performance including the Hydrogen drum machine, SooperLooper and Giada loopers, Guitarix electric guitar amplifier, Rakarrak guitar effects board, Ardour digital audio workstation, Audacity wave editor, and many LV2 and LADSPA audio effects plugins. Additionally, Crossfade GNU/Linux includes utilities that make it useful as a computer rescue system, such as the GParted partition manager, GNU GRUB bootloader, TestDisk data recovery program, FSArchiver filesystem backup program, and MATE Disk Usage Analyzer. Crossfade GNU/Linux is a Fedora® Remix containing software from sources other than Fedora, namely RPMFusion and PlanetCCRMA, as well as scripts and configuration specific to Crossfade GNU/Linux.

Crossfade 0.90 is based on Fedora 21 and uses Mixxx 1.11. If you would like to update it, please contribute!


DidJiX has the bare necessities to DJ with Mixxx. It boots straight to Mixxx without a graphical desktop environment. Download the ISO image and either burn it to a CD or cat it to a USB drive (this will erase the content of the drive).

Based on Arch.


MixxxOS was the first live GNU/Linux distribution featuring Mixxx. It was abandoned in June 2011. The last version used Mixxx 1.8, which has been outdated for years.

MD5SUM: 1c5013b5d7b1e16f3a189112ca3ecccb MixxxOS-1.2.iso

To login, use username “mixxx” with password “mixxxlive”.


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