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Before publishing a new version of Mixxx, the final release builds should be manually tested on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The purpose of these tests is to confirm that nothing catastrophic broke at the last minute, not to find every little bug. When you have completed these tests, please communicate your results in the topic for the release in the #development stream on Zulip.

  • Load tracks into 2 decks and play at the same time. Confirm that you can hear audio output.
  • Go to Preferences → Waveform and verify that the RGB, RGB (GL), and RGB (GLSL) waveform renderers all work.
  • Move EQ knobs and volume faders with your mouse (and controller if you have one).
  • Load an effect, assign the effect unit to a playing deck, enable the effect, turn up the effect unit mix knob and confirm that you can hear the effect.
  • If there is a broadcasting server you can test with, try connecting to it and listening to the stream.
  • For major releases (2.x, but not 2.2.y), repeat the above tests with a new settings directory. Make a new directory and run mixxx --settingsPath test-directory-name to tell Mixxx to use a different path for the settings directory.
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