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Refactoring Tasks

Here is where rryan keeps track of (typically small) refactoring tasks. This is doomed to become out-dated but oh well. As of 5/2013, this is up to date.

  • Move keyboard processing into controller subsystem.
  • Timestamp all MIDI/HID messages
  • SoundSource API → floats (breaks plugin ABI)
  • SearchQuery threading mess
  • SearchQueryParser – SQL vs. internal
  • ShoutcastManager – get all shoutcast code out of MixxxApp and some out of EngineShoutcast
  • #define all preference config keys
  • Header file includes cleanup
  • Make menubar nicer, get it out of MixxxApp
  • If mix output is not used, don't calculate it in EngineMaster.
  • move scanning-related code out of TrackCollection
  • EngineObject API const-ness
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