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 Obtain the following information and add it as an attachment to your bug report: Obtain the following information and add it as an attachment to your bug report:
 +==== Ubuntu ====
 +On Ubuntu, if Mixxx crashes and Ubuntu asks if you would like to report the problem, please click report. We receive these crash reports, and they are quite useful.
 +If you are filing a bug, see if you have a crash report, stored in ''/​var/​crash'',​ and if you find one for Mixxx, please attach it to your bug report. If you don't find an error report, please use the ''​ubuntu-bug''​ tool to create an error report. From a terminal, or by pressing ''​Alt + F2''​ to invoke the run dialog, enter:
 +ubuntu-bug mixxx --save mixxx.crash
 +This will create a mixxx.crash file in your home directory which you can attach to the bug report you file on our [[https://​​mixxx|Bug Tracker]]. However, since this isn't a crash from an actual run of Mixxx, it will not contain details on your specific bug -- just background information about your system that will be useful to us. If you are reporting a crash bug, it would be useful if you could include a crash report from ''/​var/​crash''​ from a time when Mixxx actually crashed. Additionally,​ see below about generating backtraces. Crash reports sometimes include backtraces, but if you collect one yourself it may be more informative.
 ==== Linux & Mac OSX ==== ==== Linux & Mac OSX ====
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