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 +====== Resident DJ-kontrol 3 ======
 +  *[[http://​​resident-dj-Kontrol-3-USB-MIDI-DJ-Controller-Soundkarte_i27254.htm|Manufacturer'​s product page]]
 +This DJ controller includes a 2 channel sound card with balanced XLR outputs (+ unbalanced RCA) and a microphone input. This controller works with USB cable connected only, but for better stability, it's recommend to use the external 5V 1A Poweradapter as well.
 +It seems that this controller is equivalent to the JBSystems DJ-kontrol 3 controller.
 +[[jbsystems_dj-kontrol_3|JB Systems dj-kontrol 3]]
 +Please follow the Link to the JB Systems DJ-kontrol 3 and test this mapping.
 +This is NOT tested with this Resident controller. ​
 +But they look exactly (technical) the same (only other colors).
 +If it is not working, please reply [[https://​​forums/​viewtopic.php?​f=7&​t=9281|Here]] ​
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