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   * QString   * QString
-Those four types will have inside ​Mixx and independend API, to avoid overhead for type checking.  +These four types will have an independent API inside ​Mixxx to avoid overhead for type checking.  
-A common interface ​is provided ​vor the xml mapping ​and the controller scripts to avoid that the controller ​mapping developer has to deal with types. ​ +A common interface ​would be provided ​for XML mappings ​and controller scripts to prevent ​controller ​preset developers having ​to deal with types. ​
- +
-This can be done by using the benefits of QScriptValue +
-[[http://​​4.7/​qscriptvalue.html]]  ​+
 +This can be done thanks to QScriptValue [[http://​​4.7/​qscriptvalue.html]]  ​
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