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One caveat: rhythmbox is hobbled by the legal restrictions imposed upon the MP3 format and decoder software; it won't play mp3's as installed. It's easy enough to fix however, gstreamer plugins from the “ugly” repositories add mp3 support to rhythmbox:

 $ sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly

This will drag in enough code to make it work. You should probably do an apt-cache search for 'gstreamer' because by the time you read this it won't be version 0.10 and the filename will have changed.

Rhythmbox annoyance(s)

<rant>Sheesh, all these music programs insist on doing me 'favors' that I didn't ask for. Like, it has it's own idea of a “music collection”, which is “every playable file I ever come across, ever”, when the real answer is for a person to “put your music in a folder, and point to it”. </rant>

rhythmbox accumulates every playable file ever seen into it's “collection”. You'd think that the Edit → Preferences → Music tab path would be where it looked for music, but you would be wrong.

To enforce that rhythmbox actually do so, occasionally do this:

Quit rhythmbox,

$ rm .gnome2/rhythmbox/rhythmdb.xml

Then restart.

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