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Roland DJ-202

The Roland DJ-202 is an all-in-one USB MIDI controller with a built in sound card. It has controls for 2 decks that can be toggled between decks to play with 4 decks. As a special feature it's got an in-built sequencer with 8 sounds from the TR-808 and the TR-909 drum machines (TR-606 and TR-707 are available via firmware update).


Windows & MacOS

You can download the latest drivers and firmware from


The DJ-202 is a USB class compliant MIDI and audio device, so it's plug-and-play on Linux.

Enabling generic mode

If the device is not properly detected as a MIDI device, you need to enable generic mode in the system settings:

  1. Hold [LOAD] Button when plugging in the USB cable until the sequencer start/stop button blinks
  2. Press [R channel performance pad 1]
  3. Turn the rotary selector left, so only the upper left corner of the master level indicator is lit
  4. Press the blinking start/stop button
  5. Wait until all pads light up, then disconnect USB cable


A mapping is currently being developed, see Github

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