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New skin Engine :

I want to allow users to organize their Mixxx window their own way if they want too, other users can use the default skin.

My ideas may still evolve with my comprehension of the problem and community feedbacks but here are some thoughts :

  • How I intent to do it :

The following picture helps understanding :

  • A window contains resizable widgets, ultimately the user could have more than one window, for example to help planning the sets or adding cue points before a mix.
  • Each widget can be resized and repositionned in a window.
  • A widget can contain another widget or tabbed widgets.
  • If all widgets can't fit into the screen some would have to be put into tabs.
  • Each widget would be customizable, that is too say elements (knobs and such) can be moved into the widget.
  • Elements of a widgets would not be resizable because I think that the effort it would implie is too much compared to the feature it would bring and I do not consider this as a priority (it would also require new SVG files).

Elements still could be made resizable in the future though.

When on IRC I am known as Romix, you can also contact me using the ML.

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