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Reducing Number of Input Libraries

Possibly migrating to a single file decoding solution such as libavformat.


  • Reduces library dependency count
  • Increases playable formats
    • I specifically want m4a/aac playback in our next version - Adam d
  • User can recompile library to add new format support to an old version of mixxx


  • Lots of work to make the change
  • All our eggs are in one basket

Possible Libraries

    • supports nearly every format known to man
    • can write many of them as well (for recording your set)
    • has built-in effects processing
  • libavformat/libavcodec (the library used by ffmpeg and mplayer)
    • support lots of formats
    • support utf8
  • xine-lib
    • supports lots of formats and is extensible
    • use to play audio from (multiplexed) video files
    • future VJ support?
    • It's not totally cross-platform yet but progress is ongoing:
  • gstreamer
    • used by Songbird
    • plugins allow more formats (QuickTime, WMA, FFMPEG, etc.)
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