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 {{:​hardware:​stantonscs:​scs1d_frontview.jpg|}} {{:​hardware:​stantonscs:​scs1d_frontview.jpg|}}
-Link to the website:​scs1d_deck/+Link to the website:
 ===== Latest MIDI mapping & script files ===== ===== Latest MIDI mapping & script files =====
 +=== Instructions ===
-The latest official ​1.MIDI mappings ​and script ​files will be available ​here as soon as they'​re ready for public consumption.+**Stanton'​s DaRouter is not used with Mixxx 1.9.0 and up. Close it before starting Mixxx.** 
 +  - Download the files for the applicable version of Mixxx below. 
 +  - Save the files into: 
 +    * Windows: ''​C:​\Program Files\Mixxx\midi''​ (technically ''​%PROGRAMFILES%\Mixxx\midi''​) 
 +    * OS X: ''/​Applications/​​Contents/​Resources/​midi''​ 
 +    * Linux: ''/​usr[/​local]/​share/​mixxx/​midi''​ 
 +  - Turn the controller on. 
 +  - Start Mixxx 
 +  - Open Preferences 
 +  - Expand "MIDI Controllers"​ 
 +  - Select the "​Stanton SCS.1d"​ device 
 +  - Click the Enable checkbox in the right pane 
 +  - Click the drop-down and choose the "​Stanton SCS.1d"​ mapping 
 +  - Click OK and you're good to go. (The controller should initialize, light up and stop spinning.) 
 +==== 1.9.x ==== 
 +**Important:​ Make sure your unit(s) are at firmware v1.25 or higher** so that the platter and flashing lights on deck changes work correctly. [[http://​​stanton-controllers-systems/​scs1d.html|See Stanton'​s SCS.1d page here]] and click Downloads. 
 +//The mapping is still in active development in the 1.9 release branch and should be considered beta-quality in that it's stable, but things may change before the final 1.9.0 release.//​ 
 +//**Note:** the controller is not yet supported in Linux. We have a plan to fix that in a future Mixxx version.//​ 
 +The latest official ​MIDI mapping ​and script ​file are in the 1.9 release branch and can be downloaded from here
 +  * [[http://​​%7Emixxxdevelopers/​mixxx/​release-1.9.x/​download/​head%3A/​stantonscs.1d.midi.x-20090805223203-64fkb2qkm2pqisuz-1/​Stanton%20SCS.1d.midi.xml|Stanton SCS.1d.midi.xml]] 
 +  * [[http://​​%7Emixxxdevelopers/​mixxx/​release-1.9.x/​download/​head%3A/​stantonscs1dscripts.-20090805223203-64fkb2qkm2pqisuz-2/​Stanton-SCS1d-scripts.js|Stanton-SCS1d-scripts.js]]
 [[stanton_scs.1d_mixxx_user_guide|Mixxx user's guide for the SCS.1d]] [[stanton_scs.1d_mixxx_user_guide|Mixxx user's guide for the SCS.1d]]
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