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Stanton SCS.1m & Mixxx User Guide

This guide explains how the SCS.1m is mapped by default in Mixxx.

Image courtesy of Stanton Magnetics, Inc., overlay (C) 2009 Sean M. Pappalardo

Easy customization: We have provided the following customization variables at the top of the script you can set to your liking:

  1. scratchKnob: All of these values are heavily dependent on your latency setting. Adjust as needed.
    1. slippage - Slipperiness of the virtual slipmat when scratching with the select knob in Control mode. Set this to a number between 0.1 (perfect turntable) and 0.99 (bent record.)
    2. sensitivity - How much the audio moves for a given knob arc. Set this to a number between 0.1 (slow) to 0.99 (fast)
    3. stoppedMultiplier - Correction to get the same knob sensitivity when the deck is stopped (set higher for higher latencies, e.g. 10ms = 2.2, 2ms = 1.5.)

Just open the midi/Stanton-SCS1m-scripts.js file in your favorite text editor (Wordpad works too) and you'll see these variables right near the top. Edit & save, then restart Mixxx and enjoy.

Deck controls

Refer to the image above, top to bottom

  • a buttons: Sync function: change the pitch of the deck so that its BPM matches that of the other deck (assuming the pitch range is sufficient)
  • b buttons: Toggle headphone cue
  • Gain, High, Mid, Low knobs: as labeled
  • Pan knob: unused
  • c encoders
    • Rotate to increase or decrease the pitch range in 1% steps
    • Press to toggle the flange effect
  • c displays: Show the current pitch adjustment percentage. The back light color changes with the pitch range:
    • Green = 1%-25%
    • Orange = 25%-50%
    • Red = 50% and above
  • c A buttons: Permanently lower the pitch by 1%
  • c B buttons: Permanently raise the pitch by 1%
  • e sliders: Pitch adjust
  • e buttons: Temporarily raise the pitch by 4% for as long as held (pitch bend up.)
  • g buttons: Temporarily lower the pitch by 4% for as long as held (pitch bend down.)
  • d encoders
    • Rotate to nudge the track either direction (akin to twisting a record spindle)
    • Press to toggle reverse playback
    • LEDs show current track position
  • d displays: Show the current track time remaining. They will flash slowly when less than 30 seconds remain, quickly when less than 15 seconds remain.
  • d A buttons: Rewind
  • d B buttons: Fast-forward
  • f sliders: Volume adjust
  • f buttons: Play/pause
  • h buttons: Cue

Global controls

Refer to the image above, top to bottom

  • z button: Toggle cross fader start/cue
  • Master, Headphones, Cue Mix knobs: as labeled
  • Zone knob: unused
  • Gain knob: unused
  • i knob: Adjust flange effect depth
  • j knob: Adjust flange effect delay
  • k knob: Adjust flange effect period (Low Frequency Oscillator)
  • l knob: Adjust master pan (balance)
  • p button: unused
  • m button: BPM tap for Deck 1
  • n button: unused
  • o button: BPM tap for Deck 2
  • Preset buttons: Hot cue points for the selected deck (q button)
  • Bank Down button: select backward between Library, Playlist, and Browse views
  • Bank Up button: select foreward between Library, Playlist, and Browse views
  • q button: Change which deck's hot cues are active (Preset buttons.) Off is Deck 1, On (red) is Deck 2.
  • r jog wheel:
    • Browse mode:
      • Rotate to move the track select highlight
      • Press to load the selected track into the first stopped deck, if any
    • Control mode:
      • Rotate to scratch the song on the selected deck
      • Pressing does nothing
  • Cancel button: Control mode: press to select Deck 1 for scratching
  • Enter button: Control mode: press to select Deck 2 for scratching
  • Setup button: unused by Mixxx but will enter the mixer's internal setup menu
  • Control button: Selects scratching mode for the jog wheel
  • Browse button: Selects track browse mode for the jog wheel

(Any unlabeled controls are not currently used.)

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