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-====== Welcome ​to the Mixxx Wiki! ======+**How to Create a Website for Business: 2 Tools YOU MUST Have When Building a Site (Don't IGNORE Them)**
-Mixxx has an unusually broad community for an open-source project, encompassing performing musicians, C++ addicts, amateur DJs, Internet radio broadcasters,​ and casual users. The Mixxx Wiki contains useful information for users, developers, and artists, and is summarized in the categories below. 
-Some pages have translations available. You can read them by clicking ​the language icon at the bottom ​of a page.+Do you want to create a website for your business? Are you sick and tired of looking for tools that you can use in building your first website? Are you among the people who are always searching for the best way of how to create ​website for business? 
 +Do you have any of the questions above? If so, then you are reading the right article. You will find the best tools that you need to have when you want to build a business or a personal website. These tools are not hard to get and you can afford them because they are so cheap. Some are even free. Read this article to discover them.
-Most of the contents of this wiki can be edited by anyone, the main exception to this is the [[development roadmap]] which is a fairly authoritative description of the development team's plans. If you find outdated, incorrect, or incomplete information on this wiki, please fix it. +**1A Good Website Builder**
-===== User Documentation ===== +
-  ​*[[Beginner DJ Links]] +
-  ​*[[Hardware compatibility|DJ Hardware Guide]] +
-  *[[http://​​manual/​latest/​|Manual]] +
-  *[[Troubleshooting]] +
-  *[[Finding the Mixxx.log file]] can be helpful when Mixxx isn't working right. Please attach this file to  bug reports and forum posts when asking for help. +
-  *[[Adjusting Audio Latency]] +
-  *[[Reporting bugs]] is a great way to contribute to Mixxx, especially if you don't have programming skills +
-  *[[Testing]] the latest features helps speed up development  +
-  *[[Getting Involved|Getting Involved in Mixxx]]: Want Mixxx to be even more awesome? You don't need to be a programmer to help us. +
-  *[[https://​​support/​live-calls-with-skype-and-mixxx/​|Live Calls with Skype and Mixxx]] +
-  *[[Portable Mixxx|Live GNU/Linux distributions featuring Mixxx]]: Run Mixxx from a USB drive or DVD without having to install anything on the computer +
-  ​*[[Command line options]] +
-  ​*[[MIDI clock output]]+
-===== Community Resources ===== +Do you want to build a professional website ​for your website? You will need a good website builder to do it quicklyWith these builders you can build a good website in a matter of hours. 
-  * [[https://​​|Zulip chat]]: Ask for help, chat with users and developersNative apps can be [[https://​​apps/​|downloaded from Zulip'​s website]] and configured ​to use the server mixxx.zulipchat.comor use the [[https://​​|web app]]+It is not hard to use them because there is nothing new you will have to learnIf you can follow simple step by step instructionsthen you can use these website builders to build your own website
-  * [[http://​​forums|Forums]]:​ Ask for help, listen ​to and share mixes, download and share controller mappings and skins +Your work now is to find a good website builderThere are several ​and you can find them easily by doing simple research ​on the search engineChoose those that have more positive reviews than the negative reviews
-  * [[http://​​builds/​master/​release/​|Development builds]]: installers for the latest code we are working on. Please help us test the latest code and report bugs. We try to make sure code is reasonably stable before including it in these, but only use development builds if you are comfortable using bleeding edge software. Do not upgrade to new version without adequate time to test it before a performance. + 
-  * [[https://​​mixxx/​|Bug tracker]] and [[https://​​mixxx|development blueprint planning]] are hosted ​on [[http://​​mixxx/​|Launchpad]] +**2The Best Hosting Account**
-  * [[https://​​lists/​listinfo/​mixxx-devel|mixxx-devel]] email list. Note that most project communication is on Zulip now, so you are more likely to get an answer to a question there+
-  * [[http://​|Mixxx website]] +
-  * [[Internationalization]]:​ Help translate Mixxx into other languages +
-  * Source code is hosted on [[​mixxx|GitHub]] +
-  [[http://​|Blog]] +
-  ​[[List of open-source music production software]]+
-===== Controller Mapping Documentation ===== +The next tool that you must have is a good hosting account. Your website will not work properly if the company you are using is not reliable. You will lose a lot of traffic and this might even affect your search engine ranking because of the high bounce rate. 
-  ​*[[MIDI controller mapping file format]]: create or change ​MIDI mapping file for your controller +There are different hosting companies and few of them are good. You should look for the good ones that have many satisfied customers. This will make your life easier because you know that you are working with a trusted company. 
-  ​*[[MIDI crash course]] +Do you know what might also happen if you are not using a trusted company? The company you choose might disappear from the internet. This means that your website will also disappear ​and you will have to start from scratch. 
-  *[[midi scripting|Controller scripting with JavaScript]]:​ map advanced behaviors including jog wheel scratching, modifier (shift) buttons, ​and deck toggle buttons +If you have been thinking of how to create a website ​for business, then you now know 2 best tools that you must use when you are building ​your websiteThey will help you in this process ​and you will make your life very easy because you will never have to worry about these things.
-  *[[Components JS]]: JavaScript library ​to help with writing mapping scripts +
-  ​*[[Contributing mappings]]: describes ​how to get your mapping included in Mixxx +
-  *[[Controller mapping file locations]] +
-  *[[Updating controller mappings]]: how to adapt old mappings for the latest version of Mixxx +
-  *[[manual_hid_preset|HID & USB Bulk controller presets]]: ​create ​or change ​preset ​for your HID or USB bulk-transfer mode controller +
-  *[[MixxxControls|Mixxx Controls]]: List of Mixxx'​s controls that can be manipulated by controller mappings +
-  *[[http://​​forums/​viewforum.php?​f=7|Controller mapping forum]]: search for mappings, share your mappings, and ask for help +
-===== Skin Documentation ===== +
-  *[[Creating Skins]] +
-  *[[Skin Guidelines]] +
-  *[[Skin Colour Scheme Architecture]] +
-  *[[Skin Color Schemes Tips and Tool]] +
-  *[[On Icons and Images]] +
-  *[[Skin System Changelog]] +
-  *[[http://​​forums/​viewforum.php?​f=8|Skins forum]]: search for skins, share your skins, and ask for help+
-===== Developer Documentation ===== 
-==== Compile Mixxx From Source Code ==== 
-  *[[Compiling on Linux]] 
-  *[[Compiling on Windows]] 
-  *[[Compiling on OS X|Compiling on macOS]] 
-  *[[SCons Build System]] 
-  *[[Packaging / Making a Mixxx Installer]] 
-==== Getting Started ==== 
-    *[[Developer Guide]]: high level overview of Mixxx'​s architecture 
-    *[[Using Git]] 
-    *[[Bugfix Workflow]] ​ 
-    *[[Creating Backtraces]]:​ helpful for debugging crashes 
-    *[[launchpad_bugs|Bug Tracker]] 
-    *[[Coding Guidelines]] 
-    *[[Developer Tools]] 
-    *[[Learning Resources]] 
-    *[[Profiling|Code profiling]] to see what parts of the code are using more CPU time than others 
-==== Development Topics ==== 
-  * [[2.1.0_todo|To-do list for the next release]] - Help us get the next release ready! 
-  * [[Setting-up CI on your own fork]] 
-  * [[Development Roadmap]] 
-  * [[feature_discussion|Feature Design Documents]] 
-  * [[gsoc|Google Summer of Code]] student projects and information. 
-  * [[Unit tests]] help prevent regressions. Writing tests is essential for new code! 
-==== Archives ==== 
-    *[[meetings archive|Developer meeting archives]] 
-    *Bazaar (legacy) code browsing on [[https://​​mixxx/​+branches|Launchpad]] 
-    *SVN (even more legacy) code browsing on [[http://​​viewvc/​mixxx/​|Sourceforge]] 
-    *[[Press]] about Mixxx 
-==== Other Resources ==== 
-    *[[Pitch percentages for semitones and notes]] 
-    *[[Engine Library format]] (for Denon Prime hardware) 
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