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 ====== Vestax VCI-380 ====== ====== Vestax VCI-380 ======
-Mapping forum thread: [[http://​​forums/​viewtopic.php?​f=7&​t=6784|"​Vestax VCI-380"​]]+{{http://​​web/​20140405082447/​http://​​v/​products/​imgdata/​image/​ci/​vci380/​VCI380_top_g.jpg}} 
 +> //"​VCI-380 is a 2 channel DJ controller with a built-in Digital DJ mixer, powerful and creative, opening the door to limitless possibilities of controllerism."//​ — Vestax 
 +(Since Vestax'​s current business "​issues"​ their web site is no longer online, however has an [[http://​​web/​http://​​v/​products/​detail.php?​cate_id=189|archive of the VCI-380 product page]].) 
 +**Mapping forum thread:** [[http://​​forums/​viewtopic.php?​f=7&​t=6784|"​Vestax VCI-380"​]]
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