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 +Visual Studio Code is a free open source code editor / IDE that is easy to set-up.
 +Follow this instructions to set-up Visual Studio Code for Mixxx development.
 +  - Check out Mixxx source and build it.
 +    * If you haven'​t done this yet, follow the instructions for your operating system [[start#​compile_mixxx_from_source_code|here]].
 +  - Install Microsoft C/C++ extension.
 +    - Open the extensions pane and search for "​c++"​. Click the install button for the Microsoft extension. {{:​code_install_c_etension.png?​300|}}
 +  - Select File -> Open... and open the mixxx source folder.
 +    * Visual Studio Code saves it's configuration in a folder named .vscode in the mixxx source folder. Next time you want to work on mixxx you only need to open the mixxx source folder again.
 +  - Configure the c++ extension to enable code completion.
 +    - Create a folder named .vscode in the mixxx root folder (if not already created).
 +    - Inside this folder, create a file named settings.json (if not already created).
 +    - Add the following content to this file: <​code>​
 +    "​C_Cpp.default.cStandard":​ "​c11",​
 +    "​C_Cpp.default.cppStandard":​ "​c++11",​
 +    "​C_Cpp.default.compileCommands":​ "​${workspaceFolder}/​compile_commands.json"​
 +(([[https://​​cppblog/​building-your-c-application-with-visual-studio-code/​|Building your C++ application with Visual Studio Code]]))
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